Times Tables – Learn with Leo the Lion


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This app is one of the best, most effective and fastest ways to learn the multiplications 2×2 to 9×9. It’s amazing how fast your brain learns if you just sit or lay down, relax and watch and listen to the calculations.


With this passive listening or passive learning the information is processed subliminally by the brain. Optionally repeat the spoken calculations to make the learning more active. Through the constant repetition of the calculations in this very relaxed setup the brain is able to learn very fast and learned information is remembered for a long time and is not just present in your short time memory.

The kids friendly drawings with inspiring happy animals let the children have a positive attitude towards this way of learning. And while the mind wanders away in thoughts about jungle and adventures not only time passes quickly but also the mind is even more positive, relaxed and open to digest and learn.


Sleep Timer


The implemented Sleep Timer let’s you use the App for a couple of minutes right before you fall asleep. Use this couple of minutes of total relaxation to deeply let the calculations sink into your subconsciousness.


Teacher Mode


Using the Teacher Mode you actively test you knowledge. The „Lion-Teacher“ asks you a question and gives you a few seconds to answer before he tells you the correct answer. 


Multiplication Table


The Setup Screen lets you choose the multiplications that you want to learn. Choose whole „rows“ like „All multiplications with 2“ or focus on specific multiplications that you want to improve.